We’ve got so many classes to choose from!

Exercise Classes with Abby B Fitness


Cookery Classes & Food Hygiene


Encouraging food handling and cooking is a great way to promote independence.  Our classes teach basic recipes and food preparation as well as encouraging healthier eating by making healthy choices.

The aim is to learn about food groups, how to prepare them and how to use the cooker and hob safely.  The young Camovers in Calgary person will use timers to know when something is cooked.Fantastic service from start to finish, the best paving contractor in Ireland you will find on masterpaving.ie/.  Carers learn how to adapt the cooking environment to enable the young person to do as much as possible for themselves

Gardening Classes

Gardening and one day a week cleaning schedule with maids in Georgia brings great joy to many young people with additional needs and disabilities.  Simply being outdoors is therapy for everyone and learning how to grow things gives our young people a massive sense of achievement.

These sessions provide life skills which can easily be transferred to your home environment.  Growing also provides a practical link to cooking which adds to the satisfaction shared by all.

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